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Nymphaea Lighting Tree

Nymphaea lighting tree is a lamp, which intelligently captures the energy generated by its turning motion to light. It is an object that combines the natural flowers mimetic to the last energy generation technology.

The lamp makes a pendulum movement during the day and in the evening opens to project the light. Nymphaea has a support system that adapts to each tree branch with flexibility, respecting their natural growth.

Project Details

Bayer MaterialScience Spain + ELISAVA
Barcelona, Spain
Project with Laia Klose and Elisa Padrón
Prize of Design BAYER-ELISAVA
Exposed at CASADECOR Barcelona ´08
Presented at Next Generation Product Design Forum in Barcelona
Nov. 2008
Prize of Design BAYER-ELISAVA “On life style”
Oct. – Nov. 2008
CASADECOR Barcelona | Stand ELISAVA Bio-Dissenya
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