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Talent Manager

Talent Manager © 2016 Joana Regojo (

Website Design and Development (wordpress platform, css, html).
Brand Identity.  Information Architecture. Visual Design.

Challenge: Analyse and translate the information from the previous website, in order to simplify and offer an intuitive and fluid experience to the users.

Talent Manager: Focus in the human being. Offers Systemic Management Consulting & Training in Organisational Constellations and Systemic Coaching, around the world.

Project Details

Client: Talent Manager
Portugal & Spain
This is by far the best web I’ve seen since I frequented this world. An extraordinary job, super elegant, clear, functional, complete, with many great solutions … P.R. 2017
Talent Manager © 2016 Joana Regojo (
Talent Manager © 2016 Joana Regojo (
Talent Manager © 2016 Joana Regojo (
Talent Manager © 2016 Joana Regojo (
It´s neat, simple and attractive. I love the colours (…) projects serenity, confidence and breadth. Good management of spaces. The information is super interesting, clear and simple. A.V. 2017
It´s impressive the change of the web. Multiple Congratulations for the good work: intuitive, fast, clear. Excellent as it works on the mobile too. G.R. 2017
Wooow a great job !! 🙂 I love the web. It’s simple and very visual. It doesn’t have too much text and it reads easy. The architecture of the information is very clear. Congratulations! I.C. 2017
The information is appreciable, it isn’t wasteful and it shows in a simple way and friendly. A high value for the organizations, people and collective in general. G.A. 2017
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