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PlayUp – Toys to grow up

Play Up © 2011 Joana Regojo (

The project strategic aim is to co-develop toys and activities to engage parents and educators while encouraging creative and imaginative play for children aged 3-6 years old.

The challenge of PlayUp is to provide quality play opportunities for children living in disadvantaged contexts, encouraging them to develop their creativity, imagination and emotional intelligence and stimulating the community engagement with replicable solutions.

[ Playful ] + [ Imaginative ] + [ Creative ]
[ Inclusive ] + [ Accessible ] + [ Sustainable ]

Project Details

Lisbon, Portugal
Project with Vincenzo Di Maria, Matteo Tangi & Rita Duarte
Partnership, Collaboration and support: Associação João de Deus, Pressley Ridge, Unidos de Cabo Verde, IADE – Creative University and Fundação EDP
Finalist – Social Innovation Tournament ´12 “Innovation to fight social exclusion” – EIB Institute
IADE INVEST 2013 – Sociedade Civil
Play Up © 2011 Joana Regojo (

Many children today have restricted access to quality play opportunities that can generate serious consequences in their future and community.

Children are the soul of communities and the future of our society. Access to inclusive play environments and quality play opportunities are key to children’s personal development, free thinking and problem solving capacity.

Children who play better will be able to make better choices and have better ideas to shape the world.


for Children
Explore and develop creative potential and personal capabilities


for Parents
Participate in more active way to children playtime


for Educators
Range of flexibility engagement tools and activities

Play Up © 2011 Joana Regojo (

Thanks to our partnerships and collaboration, it become possible a deep insights and a rich process, strengthening relationships and sharing experiences for a viable strategy.

We collaborated with Associação de João de Deus (mobile nursery services), which allowed us to developed a series of co-creation workshops in four suburbs of Lisbon, in Amadora ( 6 May at Casal da Boba, Casal da Mira and Horta Nova). During this time, we interacted with the children and the community in general.

With Pressley Ridge we map one of the suburbs, Casal da Mira, which allow us to connect with others stakeholders operating in the same context, as Unidos de Cabo Verde (preschool).

We also took part of events promoting
the value of playful activities in Portugal:

+ “Brincar em Portugal
(First seminar of Psychology and Pedagogy behind Play)

+ “Play – New educational approaches
organized by Cámara Municipal Lourinhã & ADAPECIL

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